KEWELY Intelligent Temperature Control , located in the southern city of - made by Danzao, set design, manufacturing and service integration of all kinds of three-in-one refrigeration products, intelligent software, supporting hardware to achieve a complete cold chain, cold Lianzhi ecological building. Since its establishment in 1998, with the professional level and mature technology in the field of R & D and manufacturing, it has risen rapidly in the refrigeration industry. In 2003, we got the CE certification, ISO9001 international quality and management system certification, and in 2010, we completed the modern chemical plant which mainly produces refrigeration accessories and other products, and invested huge sums of money to build several automated production lines. In 2013, it became the first brand of refrigeration industry; in 2015, it introduced cold storage and refrigeration machine; in 2017, it became the manufacturer of cold storage engineering design. Innovative R & D technology, environmental protection and energy saving product advantages, reasonable market prices and perfect after-sales service have laid the foundation for the industry leader.


高 标 准 的 大 型 生 产 基 地